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Branding 101 – Strategic Brand Marketing Cheat Sheet

Branding Marketing

Introduction: What’s in a Brand?

  • Your brand defines who you are and sets you apart
  • It emphasizes the unique value that you offer your customers
  • Your brand is communicated through everything your company does

Who is Your Company?

  • You have to see how your company is viewed by the public
  • Who do they see you as?
  • What are your values as they perceive them?
  • It’s useful to think in terms of personal characteristics
  • Just like a person, a company can be strong, or gentle for example
  • If your company were a person, who would it be?

Know Your Customers

  • The most important part of your brand is getting to know your customers
  • Brands aren’t objective
  • You need to get inside their heads to understand how they think or feel
  • Understand the demographic you cater to
  • Understand psychological factors such as how they think about money
  • Know their buying habits

Consistency is Key

  • The public should get the same message every time they come in contact with you
  • It’s especially important online where there are more touch points
  • Consistency is key across all media
  • Your brand should also provide a seamless user experience
  • This should be in harmony with the image your brand projects
  • Apple is a good example of this

All in the Mind

  • Always remember your brand is in your customers’ mind
  • It’s not necessarily something about your company
  • Aim to make associations in people’s minds with your company

Learning Objectives:

  • Focus on the one specific problem that you solve, so that you can address this with clear and consistent brand messaging.
  • Conduct your market research so that you can choose the best brand marketing strategy to suit your business.
  • Define exactly what you need in a brand manager so that you can choose the best person for the job.
  • Apply online brand management best practices so that you can leverage all the internet has to offer.
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