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Honoring Our Heroes: Spotlight on Veteran-Owned Businesses

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Celebrating the courage and entrepreneurship of veterans and their families.
There are approximately 2.5 million Veteran-Owned Small businesses in America. Choosing a few to highlight in this blog was a blessed challenge. The creativity and passion of our Veteran’s is inspiring and as a woman-owned, veteran spouse business, we greatly connected with their stories.

First up is Rumi Spice, founded by Kimberly Jung, a U.S. Army Veteran. Jung is a former Army officer who served in Afghanistan and co-founded Rumi Spice. The company sources saffron directly from Afghan farmers, providing them with a sustainable source of income. Rumi Spice not only supports Afghan communities but also produces high-quality saffron, making it available in the global market. Their commitment to economic empowerment and quality products has made them a shining example of a veteran-owned business with a positive social impact. Rumi Spice-About Us.

This next company made a unique splash in the fashion world. Sword & Plough, founded by sisters Emily and Betsy Núñez who are both U.S. Army Veterans, specialize in repurposing military surplus materials into stylish bags and accessories. Their business not only promotes sustainability but also supports veteran employment. They have successfully combined their military backgrounds with a passion for fashion to create a socially responsible and innovative company. Sword & Plough-About Us.

Dog Tag Bakery, founded by Father Richard Curry, a Jesuit priest, and Constance Curry. While not a veteran-owned business in the traditional sense, Dog Tag Bakery is a unique enterprise. Located in Washington, D.C., it's a bakery that provides employment and training to veterans with disabilities. The program helps veterans transition to civilian life by teaching them essential business and culinary skills. The bakery's motto, "Baking a Difference," reflects its commitment to empowering veterans and their families. Dog Tag Bakery-About Us.

As sustainability and repurposing have become ubiquitous terms, Eli Crane, former U.S. Navy SEAL veteran founded Bottle Breacher. At Bottle Breacher, the company transforms decommissioned .50 caliber ammunition into unique bottle openers. His business has gained widespread recognition for its high-quality, handcrafted products. Eli's commitment to employing veterans and supporting military charities showcases how veteran-owned businesses can give back to their community and create innovative products.

Not to leave our four-footed friends out in the cold, we look to Harley’s Treats USA. Founded by Tony Richardson, an Army National Guard and Army veteran with combined service of 32 years, who was tired of seeing the long list of ingredients that didn’t make sense in the so-called healthy dog treats on the market. He and his wife Theresa, in the small kitchen of their RV started creating their dog treats that can now be found in Farmer’s Markets in three states with a store front in Mesa, AZ. They have stuck to their vision for limited, natural, and healthy treats that don’t break the bank and hiring US Military Veterans and their families.

Another fine example that has become a well-known company in the past few years is Black Rifle Coffee Company. Black Rifle Coffee Company, founded by veterans, Evan Hafer, Mat Best, and Jarred Taylor, U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force Veterans, has become a household name known for its high-quality coffee and commitment to supporting military and first responder communities. They've built a thriving coffee brand while also using their platform to raise awareness and funds for veterans' causes. Their dedication to their mission and community involvement demonstrates the positive impact veteran-owned businesses can have. Black Rock Coffee-About Us.

These businesses serve as shining examples of the innovation, determination, and commitment that many veterans bring to the world of entrepreneurship. They continue to make significant contributions to their communities and provide valuable services and products. Many of them support and donate to veteran services and recognition programs. Please check them out in the links provided.

Here at Hope & Teal Designs, we honor our veterans and want to see them become even more successful. We offer a large range of services geared towards small businesses and see ourselves as partners: nourishing, growing, and serving our fellow entrepreneurs. Whether you need a logo design/redesign, website update, graphic services, or the right technology, we are here to serve. In recognition of their service, and being a veteran spouse owned small business, we continue to offer our military family a five percent discount on services and a ten percent discount on all promotional and print items.

We humbly request you share these blogs, articles, and posts on your website and social media to spread the word about National Veterans Small Business Week and the support you offer to these brave and dedicated business owners.

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