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Guided Visualization Series - Business Success

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You will have your own definition of success and what it means to you. You’re in business to be “successful” and sometimes that feels like struggling and striving. This visualization will allow you to drop the stress and embrace a gentler solution.

Becoming a Butterfly

First, get into a relaxed state. Use the technique suggested or a method of your own if you prefer.
You know that you want to change your life. You already have success in your life, though it might not always feel that way. You want to be more successful. You know what that means to you. Think about the different aspects of that success and how you’ll know when you’re successful. Imagine a moment in your life when you were successful. See the situation in all its detail - what you see, what you hear, how you feel, what you touch.
You want to be in that state of success all the time, attracting good things to you and good people. You decide to change so you can bring this about. You want to construct the success that you want. You begin to build a cocoon around yourself. You wind yourself around with all your old thoughts about your lack of success, your old beliefs about not deserving success and your old feelings of disappointment and failure when things didn’t work out the way you wanted them to.
Wrap yourself with layers and layers of these old parts of yourself, which now belong to the past. Those layers are brown, dark, tattered, and frayed. All those old beliefs now become layers around you and solidify to form the cocoon in which you’re encased.
Inside this cocoon is peaceful darkness. You feel safe and secure, and you decide to change your situation from within. See yourself transforming inside the cocoon. Feel yourself changing into the new successful you. Move around in the chair as you feel yourself rearranging the molecules of your body, growing new parts, maybe expanding in size.
See a pinpoint of light which enters through a tiny hole in the top of your cocoon and expands in front of your eyes. The cocoon is suddenly alive with a brilliant white light. And as the light grows, you see yourself changing into a beautiful butterfly, more beautiful than any you have ever seen. Imagine the beauty of your wings, their colors and iridescence. Feel the lightness of your body as your wings expand and grow in their magnificence. Feel your confidence and sense of joy and excitement about life increase. And when you feel you are at the highest point of possibility, you feel the old cocoon break apart and fall away, and you emerge in all your beauty to fly out in a glorious flutter of wings and a mass of wonderful iridescent color.
You feel like a new person, confident and clear. You will now handle old situations in different ways. You are now a completely successful person.
Any time you feel doubt in the future, you just need to recall the feeling of lightness of your new butterfly self, or see your colors, or hear the flutter of your wings, to be reminded that you have decided to change and that you can now deal with all situations in a lighter, more positive way. Every outcome leads to your success and helps you advance further on your life journey.
As you prepare to come back into awareness, feeling good, feeling confident, you know that something important has happened.
And as you stay with those feelings, you begin to notice again the noises around you in this room, the light coming in behind your eyelids and your full consciousness returning. Slowly open your eyes and notice where you are. Take your time to return to normal awareness.

Your Impressions

Use these questions to guide you or note down anything surprising or enlightening that came up.
Which emotions are you feeling right now?
What did you feel during the visualization?
What do you remember about your butterfly state?
What surprised you the most in the visualization?
What’s your most vivid recollection?
Anything else you want to record?