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Email Marketing: What No One Is Talking About

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When you read about email marketing, chances are, you see articles with tips for growing your list, creating engaging content, and boosting sales. But what no one is talking about might be the most important aspect of email marketing – following up with customers after purchase.

Why Following Up Is So Important

So much of the focus is on gaining customers and getting them to purchase. But it’s even more important to follow up.
First, the power of email marketing is that it allows you to build strong relationships. These relationships go well beyond the original sale. If you let a buyer slip away after their first purchase, you’re losing a valuable opportunity for future sales and more.
In addition, it’s much cheaper and easier to sell to existing customers than to acquire new ones. One of the reasons email marketing is still so popular is that it’s a cost-effective way to drive sales and traffic.
Finally, just after first purchase is the honeymoon phase of your relationship with your customer. If you don’t follow up with them at the right time, you’re likely to lose them.

Say Thank You

Right after purchase, you should follow up with customers by thanking them. It may seem like a small thing, but research shows that even a simple “thank you” email creates a lasting impact and plays in role in customer retention.

Offer Help with Their Purchase

Another great follow-up idea is to offer help with the product they purchased. If you can help them get the most value out of your products and services, this will boost customer satisfaction and lead them to buy even more.
You can send tips on how to use the product or offer support, especially for tech products. Create videos that demonstrate product features and share these. If you really want to create value, develop webinars or offer coaching sessions.

Recommend Additional Products

Now that you have a certified buyer, offer them some similar or complementary products. Choose items to recommend based on the original purchase and what would give them the most value. If you offer your cross-sell or upsell with a deep discount to show your appreciation, you’ll increase the chances they’ll buy.

Create a Loyalty Program

A great follow-up strategy is to create a loyalty program. Offer deep discounts, freebies, or additional services exclusively to members, making them feel special and appreciated.
Your email autoresponder program can help you by segmenting your list into buyers and non-buyers. Then, you can send the loyalty program specials to buyers only.

Consider the Customer Journey

Think of the relationship you have with your audience in terms of their customer journey. The customer journey is the sum of experiences they go through while interacting with your brand.
If you can keep providing consistent value through your email marketing long after their initial purchase, you can create a positive experience that will keep them coming back for more.
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