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Guided Visualization Series - Confidence Building

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Are there areas in your life or business where you don’t feel so confident? You may feel comfortable when dealing with aggressive customers but not so happy dealing with someone who’s upset. You may feel supremely confident about managing your family but not so sure when it comes to your team. As you develop your confidence in all situations, you will achieve more. Use this visualization to help you do that.

The Moving Walkway (Travelator)

First, get into a relaxed state. Use the technique suggested or a method of your own if you prefer.
You decide to explore more about your life right now. You see in front of you a moving walkway. It’s sparkling and so inviting that you step on it. It goes slowly forward, gliding effortlessly and you love the sensation of gently moving ahead without any effort.
You’re surrounded by light, and you feel very safe. As the walkway moves you on, you go through an area of red light, soft and warm. The walkway takes you on slowly through an orange invigorating light and then into a bright yellow light, like sunshine. You look down at your feet and see that the pavement is like a rainbow, with softly glittering colors.
Then you move on through a soft green glow and on to a clear blue light, it’s like being surrounded by a cloud. The walkway takes you slowly on through a deep blue, indigo light and into a violet light. You let the violet light bathe and soothe you. And as you get to the end of the walkway and gently step off, you step into a brilliant white light which surrounds you and also fills every part of your body, so you are glowing with light and it is radiating out of you.
You feel calm and safe and at peace. You know that this light is the true essence of yourself which reveals all the wonderful aspects of your personality. You start to recall all the successes you’ve had in life. All the times when you were courageous. All the times when you showed wisdom. All the times when you helped and supported others. When you showed love and understanding. You remember all the things you have already achieved in your life, and you feel satisfied and fulfilled. You are so happy that you are you. You are full of gratitude for all the wonderful things that have happened to you, all the wonderful opportunities that have come your way. And you feel complete.
And as you are in that contented state, remembering all you are and all you have been and all you are becoming, you see the truth of what a gift you are to the world. How important your existence is to the planet. How you fill a space that no-one else can fill. You feel supremely confident, and you revel in this moment. Stay in that feeling of calm and confidence and certainty. Bathe in this wonderful feeling and know that you can come back to it at any time.
Now you prepare to return. You look down at your hands and in your hands is a gift, a gift that you will take back with you. It symbolizes this feeling of supreme confidence. Look at it carefully. What does it look like? It might have a specific form or be like a cloud or be a light. It might have color and sparkle, or it could be something completely different.
Whatever this gift is for you, you cradle it carefully in your hands as you step on to the gently moving walkway again. You move back through the violet light, the indigo, the blue. As you move through the green light you take your gift of supreme confidence, and you place it into your heart so it can be with you always. You move on through the yellow, the orange and finally the red light aware of that confidence in your heart and aware that it is with you for always.
As you step off the moving walkway, you begin to be aware of your breathing again. And gradually, very gently, aware of the sounds in the room, the light behind your eyes and the warmth of your hands, you come back to full awareness knowing that you can go back to visit that place any time you want.

Your Impressions

Use these questions to guide you or note down anything surprising or enlightening that came up.
Which emotions are you feeling right now?
What did you feel during the journey?
What do you remember about your gift?
What surprised you the most in the journey?
What’s your most vivid recollection?
Anything else you want to record?