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Guided Visualization Series - Prosperity

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It's possible you want more money in your life, increased income, and higher revenues. You have a perfect right to make money from your business, but prosperity is much more than money. It’s also love, friendship, happiness, peace of mind, vibrant health, engaging work, natural resources, knowledge, community activity, helping others… You can complete the list for yourself.
Prosperity is simply all the good things you could imagine in life arriving in a never-ending stream of abundance. This visualization will help you broaden your vision of what it means to be wealthy and prosperous and be open to prosperity in all its forms.

The Pyramid of Prosperity

First, get into a relaxed state. Use the technique suggested or a method of your own if you prefer.
You are going to travel to ancient Egypt. You find yourself walking across the hot sand of the desert and you see in front of you a magnificent pyramid. You see the smooth sides rising to the sky. The white of the stone is dazzling in the sunlight. You walk forward and arrive in front of the building, and you notice a golden door. You walk up to it, drawn by a fascination to know more. As you approach the massive door, it begins to open slowly to the soft, tinkling sound of bells and you feel compelled to go in.
You find yourself in a shady courtyard. There are huge trees growing around and towering columns painted with ancient symbols. You know you are in a sacred place. This is where the ancient Egyptians came to learn about prosperity.
You notice how cool it is here after the heat of the sun. As you walk around on the stone floor, you look down at your feet and notice what you are wearing. You feel calm and peaceful. You spend some time exploring the courtyard. There is a small fountain in the center with water gently flowing and you hear it bubbling. You trail your hand in the cool water. And as you ask yourself why you’ve come to this beautiful place, you hear the answer. “You’re here to learn something very important for your life. It’s a fundamental truth that will help you with your success.”
You see that there is a room at the end of the courtyard, and you decide to enter. You take off your footwear before you cross the threshold as you know this is the most sacred place in the whole pyramid. You feel the cool stone under your feet as you walk through an archway into the center. It was here that the high priest came with specially chosen people to initiate them into the truth about money. You feel honored to be here and feel excited about what might come next. You walk around the room, which is lit by torches set high up on the walls. Each time you stop to look, the torch lights up a part of the wall and you can see paintings and symbols depicted there. You realize that you are at the center of the Pyramid of Prosperity and that you are about to learn all that this means.
The first scene you look at shows happy people, wreathed in smiles. As you look closer, you see the images move like an old movie played out before you. You feel the peace and contentment of these people, they want for nothing. The adults look radiant, and you can feel the vitality and strength of each person.
In the corner of the picture, you see a symbol which you understand embodies the wisdom of everything you have seen. Somehow you just know that this symbol is for you, and you reach out and take it.
You move on to the next scene which shows a group glowing with good health. The children are running around and jumping with joy. Everybody is helping themselves to nutritious food and drink that brings vibrancy to their bodies. One of the smiling, healthy people hold out a symbol to you and you know this is for you to take and keep.
You come to the next scene which shows all the riches of the world. Gold and silver and precious jewels glinting in the sunlight, piles of bank notes and coins. A man comes up to the pile of gold and bows his head. He gives thanks and takes a handful of the coins. Someone else comes along, bows, gives thanks and fills a large bag full of jewels. A woman comes into the picture, and she takes a solid silver statue. You watch as people appear and, in a very respectful way, help themselves to whatever they want. You feel their gratitude and you know that they’re only taking what they need now. You then notice something unusual happening; as each person helps themselves to the riches, the space fills up immediately with something else equally beautiful. There is no exhausting this supply; the more they take, the more appears. This is an amazing sight for you to see but somehow it feels right. You see a symbol that you know is meant for you, so you take it.
The last scene is blank and as you stare at it, you gradually see yourself walking into the picture. You find yourself surrounded by people who love you. You feel their love and are amazed. You didn’t know there was so much love for you. You bathe in it, and it fills you up as you look around at the smiling, loving faces. You feel overwhelmed with their love. The YOU in the scene gives the YOU outside a symbol which signifies all this love.
As you stand in the center of the room now, the ceiling opens, and a glorious light descends. You are standing in a column of warm, golden light and you let it flow around you and pour through you. You hold out the symbols you have been carrying and look at the details of them. With immense appreciation you place them in your heart, knowing that from now on you understand the truth about prosperity and that it surrounds and fills you. As you stand in the column of light, you become the light; there is no place where you end, and it begins. Just enjoy that glorious light. It brings you all the aspects of prosperity you have seen in the scenes and anything else that you believe represents prosperity to you. Stay as long as you like in this miraculous light.
When you are ready you leave the pyramid’s center and return to the cool, shady courtyard. You are vibrating to the energy of prosperity that you received in the inner sanctum. You nod to yourself and acknowledge you now have prosperity that is never lacking, that flows eternally and that is for you. You walk on through the courtyard towards the pyramid’s door.
Walk through the door, preparing to come back into awareness, feeling good, feeling positive and confident, knowing that something important has happened.
And as you stay with those feelings, you begin to notice again the noises around you in this room, the light coming in behind your eyelids and your full consciousness returning. Slowly open your eyes and notice where you are. Take your time to return to normal awareness.

Your Impressions

Use these questions to guide you or note down anything surprising or enlightening that came up.
Which emotions are you feeling right now?
What did you feel during the journey through the pyramid?
What do you remember about your symbols?
What surprised you the most in the journey?
What’s your most vivid recollection?
Anything else you want to record?