Why "Hope & Teal" You Ask...?

Let us take you on a journey, a tale that led to the birth of Hope & Teal Designs. It all started with a company called Needham Solutions, but as time passed, we realized that something was missing. The name had become synonymous with the corporate world and no longer resonated with our true essence.

There came a point when we felt overwhelmed, almost ready to give up. The weight of conformity and the pressures of the business world began to suffocate our creativity. But in the darkest hour, a divine intervention occurred—a calling from a higher power that rekindled the spark within.

During a moment of despair, Cameron caught sight of a precious item on her coffee table—a custom-designed teal bible with her name elegantly inscribed on it; a gift from her loving husband. This humble book symbolizes hope, faith, and the strength to overcome adversity. In that very instant, a revelation struck her. The idea was simple yet profound: to combine the essence of hope and teal's beautiful, soothing color into a new identity.

And so, Hope & Teal was born—a name that encapsulates our newfound purpose and the transformative power of belief. With this realization, we embarked on a journey to create designs that embody hope, inspire positive change, and touch the lives of those who encounter them.

At Hope & Teal Designs, our mission is to infuse hope into every aspect of our work. We believe that art and design have the ability to uplift spirits, heal wounded hearts, and ignite the flame of possibility. Our team of talented individuals pour their hearts and souls into crafting unique creations that stir emotions, spread optimism, and remind people that hope is always within reach.

Whether it's through our meticulously crafted logos, thoughtfully designed websites, or engaging visual experiences, we strive to evoke a sense of joy, peace, and inspiration in the lives of our customers. We understand that every person's journey is unique, and our creations aim to support and accompany them on their path, reminding them that they are not alone.

As we walk hand in hand with hope, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary adventure. Together, let us embrace the power of optimism, and through our designs, let us build a world where hope flourishes, hearts are uplifted, and dreams are fulfilled.

Welcome to Hope & Teal Designs. May our creations ignite your spirit and illuminate your path with the radiance of hope.
Our Superstar Team
  • Cheryl Hunt
    COO & CFO
    Introducing Cheryl Hunt, a powerhouse of experience and expertise with a remarkable career spanning over 30 years. With her versatile background in operations, accounting, and administration, Cheryl has consistently demonstrated her invaluable skills in various departments.

    But it is in her administrative role where Cheryl truly shines. Throughout her journey, she has been the backbone of support for numerous managers and teams, ensuring seamless operations and efficient workflow. Her passion for the field has only grown stronger over time, making her an unbeatable asset to any organization.

    When it comes to dedication, knowledge, and unwavering commitment, Cheryl Hunt is the name you can trust. Join her on this incredible journey as she continues to make waves in the world of business administration.
  • Brandon Ross
    Marketing & Creative Associate
    A dynamic creative designer with over 5 years of invaluable marketing experience.

    Driven by faith and armed with a deep understanding of technology, Brandon is a transformative force in the world of design and marketing.

    With a career spanning half a decade, Brandon has consistently demonstrated his ability to infuse creativity into marketing strategies, breathing life into brands and campaigns. His innovative approach and keen eye for detail have earned him a reputation for delivering captivating visuals and effective marketing solutions.
    Brandon's faith is at the core of his work, serving as a wellspring of inspiration and guiding his commitment to ethical and impactful design. His passion for combining the power of creativity and technology to convey compelling messages is second to none.
  • Lindsey Mendoza
    Marketing & Creative Associate
    Introducing Lindsey, our illustrious graphic designer and new mother, crafting enchanting visual tales with her unique artistic touch. Boasting an extensive design history, she excels in producing visuals that not only captivate but elevate brand identities. Balancing motherhood and her passion, in her fresh role, Lindsey perfectly fuses artistic flair with astute strategy, materializing visions for our reputable organization and wide-ranging clients. Her meticulous eye, paired with an exuberant creative zeal, ensures your concepts evolve into dazzling design realities. As we venture into an era of unparalleled design prowess, Lindsey guides the way. Her deep-rooted faith, fervent dedication to serving others, and the fresh perspective motherhood brings, seamlessly align with our faith-driven team's ethos. Join us and Lindsey on this transformative design odyssey.

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